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Blister Package to Protect & Promote  

Blister and Card 5

Blister Package & Blister Card

Foldover Card and Blister

The creative Andex team has the solution for your plastic blister package & blister cards needs

From intricately engineered designs blister packs to economical combo runs and stock blisters Andex has your solution!  Andex is a single source for both the plastic blister package  & blister cards giving you the confidence and convenience for the design, quality, and supply of your packaging requirements.

Key benefits include:  

  • Low, moderate, or high volumes
  • PVC and RPET plastic materials in a range of material thicknesses 
  • Unique design features including footed and secondary die cut
  • Economical  Andex COMBO-PAC with low cost custom design tooling or stock sizes for $0 tooling costs
  • Seal-Pac, self-sealing packaging
  • Sustainable packaging options and eco-friendly Right-Pac.

CombologoAndex is your single source for blisters & cards.




Solidworks CAD Design


Combo-Pac Blister Package Master Tool