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Combo Blister & Card ♦ Combo-Pac 

Combo blister &  blister cards. The Combo-Pac program offers you quality combination (aka gang run) blister & blister cards with low costs, fast deliveries, convenience, low tooling cost, and quality.  

Blister Card Combination


Combo Blister Thermoform Tool

Blister Combo-Pac Master Tool

Blister Card Combination

Blister Card Combo-Pac Master Sheet

How does the Combo-Pac™ Combo Blister & Card system work?

By combining your blister or card with other customers everyone saves! No die, plate or expensive tooling costs. Select a specified quantity increment – small to large. Your package components will be designed, manufactured, and shipped quickly to arrive right on time. Contact our experienced sales team to design the perfect package to fit your product.

For more details see the Combo-Pac Blister & Blister Card Specifications.

Combination Blister PackAndex is your single source for blisters & cards.
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Read about the Andex Stock Blister program—another great way to save money.  No tooling or upfront costs.

Due to the nature of combination run products, there are some limitations for its use. Our dedicated custom runs may be right for you. Contact a Sales Representative to find out more.


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