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What Is Skin Board Packaging?

Skin board packaging process seals film over the enter sheet of paperboard.   SKIN-PAC is an excellent for choice sealing surlyn film around the product and multi-component products.  Skin board is a low cost solution for after market, automotive, hardware packaging and more.

Skin Packaging Basics:

Skin packaging vacuum seals a film over your product on a master sheet which is then cut to individual cards.  Keyslots, round corners and internal die cuts may be added during the cutting process.  Andex skin packaging board provides high strength, low curl and excellent film adhesion.  Due to its non-clay coated surface, artwork that is printed on skin packaging board will not be as vivid as the same artwork printed on a blister card. The film that is applied to the skin packaging board will give the graphics a slight glossy appearance.

 How do the skin board and stick together?

Skin Package Packaging

What types of products can be packaged in skin boards?

Skin board packaging is great for:

  • Small or large items
  • Lightweight or heavy products
  • Products without holes or voids
  • Rigid products
  • Various quantities of items
  • Industrial and some retail products
  • Higher profile items