3 Reasons to Consider Blister Card Packaging

At Andex, we design various types of blister card packaging for your company’s needs. Some of these blister card packaging types include clamshells, blisters, and trays. Blister card packaging can be an excellent option for many retail products, as well as personal care items.

There are many types of blister packing that you can choose from. These include:

  • Full card blisters
  • Face seal blisters
  • Trap blisters

There are many reasons to consider opting for blister packaging. In this article, we’ll cover all the reasons why you should choose blister card packaging to protect your products.

1. Blister Card Packaging Reduces Costs

Need a way to reduce costs? Choosing blister cards is a great way to help save money!

It is not ideal to spend money on packaging you don’t really need. At Andex, our design team is always looking for ways to reduce the size of blister packaging while also protecting and displaying your products. This helps to cut down on overall cost of your blister packaging.

Blister Card Packaging

In addition, we also have different types of material that can aid in reducing the cost and suit your budget better.

  • How much will my packaging cost? You may be wondering how much your blister packaging will cost. This will be determined by how heavy or lightweight the plastic is.
    • Have lightweight products? Your blister packaging is going to be less expensive and is the perfect solution for more lightweight products.
    • Have heavier products? You’ll want to opt for more expensive, full-face seal or full card blisters. These package options are more heavy-duty and tamper-resistant.

2. Blister Cards Increase Sustainability

Blister packaging helps to increase sustainability!

  • Eco-friendly: Unfortunately, plastics often have a negative association – however, they can be your company’s most eco-friendly option! In fact, some blister packaging can reduce the amount of plastic overall.
  • Lighter: For example, blister packaging plastics, when compared with other materials such as cardboard, glass, or aluminum, are quite a bit lighter. Since blister packaging is lighter, the more compact designs allow one to ship more packaging together. This helps to lower transportation costs, which also contributes to being more eco-friendly.
Blister and Card

3. Blisters Protect Better Than Other Materials

Lastly, we highly recommend blister packaging for your products, because it protects your products better than when compared to other materials.

Some of the benefits include improvement in visibility, and resistance to impact, moisture, and tampering.

  • Increased viewability: Your customers will enjoy looking at your products when you use blister packaging. Increased viewability will also increase the chances of your customers purchasing your product. The Andex team is highly skilled in designing packaging that maximizes visibility while also using vivid colors to make your products/packaging pop!
  • Resistant to impact/moisture: Blister packaging is resistant to impact and moisture. This makes it the best packaging for transporting an item from the store to the customer’s home so that the product does not jostle around while in the package. Resistance to moisture ensures that the contents of the package stay as dry as possible and in perfect condition. Quality blister packaging ensures that your products never are damaged from moisture.
  • Resistant to tampering: Another aspect of blister packaging is that it is highly resistant to tampering. This makes shoplifting much more difficult and also keeps the item inside intact. Andex’s blister packaging is designed for ultimate protection against theft. If you need maximum protection, we recommend that you choose sealed clamshells for tamper-resistant packaging.

If you need blister card packaging or another type of plastic packaging to protect your products, the team at Andex is ready to help. To get started, fill out our quick contact form, or give us a call at (800) 338-9882. A friendly team member will be available as soon as possible to discuss your unique project. You can also email us sales@andex.net for more information about our blister packaging services.