Applications of Blister Packaging in Pharmaceuticals

Blister packaging has many applications including foods and small consumer goods. But it is just as good for the application of it for pharmaceutical packaging. The applications used for pharmaceuticals show the many benefits that can also be used in other industries.

Tamper Proof

One of the most important uses of thermoforming plastic is the tamper-proofing made possible by blister packs. The design of pharmacy packs is such that each tablet can be removed without tampering with the other. This is an advantage to both the consumer and the manufacturer of the medication. In case the medicine needs to be returned for any purpose, the unused medicine remains.

Preventing Contamination

These blister packs are also important in preventing contamination. Some pills are sensitive to moisture, contaminated air, hands, and many other things. Keeping the pills in the bathroom where the majority of people do, will expose the rest of the pills to contaminants, if the pills are in an open bottle. Most people will often touch the other pills when trying to get one from a bottle; this handling of pills is undesirable for some medications.

Safe for Households with Children

Safety is one of the main benefits of using blister pack packaging for pharmaceuticals. The packaging can be designed such that only an adult can push out a pill from it. A film that can be peeled away is placed on the pack, preventing the accidental pushing of pills by toddlers and kids.

Keeping Track of Prescriptions

It makes taking of the prescription easier. The patient can track how many pills he has taken in the past by looking at the thermoforming of plastic packaging. The arrangement of medication is organized and prevents abuses and misuse of drugs, which is bad for his health and could even lead to more serious complications.

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