Blister Cards

Andex is your single source for blister cards and blister packaging. Our team provides outstanding service with multiple solutions to meet your blister card packaging requirements. As a G7 Certified Printer, Andex has the experience and technology to meet your graphic expectations and brand color consistency. For professional blister card packaging designs that will keep your product safe, please contact the team at (800) 338-9882!

Custom Blister Cards

Are you looking for professional custom blister cards for your product? Blister cards are a very important aspect of blister packaging. Together, the blister package and blister card create a perfect package with a beautiful presentation of your product.

Custom blister cards can be single cards but also used in other variations for card combinations. Blisters can be sealed between front and back cards. These are then bonded, or are designed with a card that is folded and then bonded. Read these 3 reasons to consider blister cards for the protection, quality, and viewability of your product.

Dedicated Runs:  Your specific requirements for blister card, fold-over, & specialty printing!

Blister card capabilities from Andex provide a wide range of card package design and graphics.  Dedicated custom runs are great for users who need:

  • Special PMS and custom color matches and custom color matches
  • Larger or specific quantities
  • Unique die cuts & specialty finishing 

 Combo-PacTMLow to high quantity, quick turnaround & cost effective combination runs 

The Combo-Pac program is a convenient, affordable way to get customized blisters, blister cards, or insert cards. Scheduled production dates, small to large quantities, along with no die or plate costs and low upfront fees make this program an awesome value!

Different Types of Blister Cards:

  • 4/1 Blister Card:  4-color process front & 1-color (black) back.  Front coated for blister sealing.  20pt C1S (coated one side) blisterboard.
  • 4/4 Blister Card:  4-color process front & 4-color  process back (4 over 4).  Front coated for blister sealing.  20pt C2S (coated two side) blisterboard.
  • Fold Over Blister Card:  4-color process front & 1-color (black) back.  Back coated for blister or card to card sealing.  20pt C2S (coated two side) blisterboard.
  • 14pt Insert/Header/Tag Card:  4-color process front & 1-color (black) back.  Front coated with semi-gloss coating.  14pt C1S  (coated one side) paperboard.

There are multiple types of blister packaging, including face seal blisters, full face seal blisters, trapped blisters, full card blisters, clamshells, mock clamshells, 2-piece clamshells, tri-fold clamshells, and more. At Andex, we can handle any customization required for your product.

How Does the COMBO-PAC System Work?

How does our custom blister card COMBO-PAC program work? By combining several customers on the same sheet everyone saves.  No die, plate or mold costs.  Your package components will be designed, manufactured and shipped quickly to arrive right on time.  

Program Benefits:
• Cost Effective
• Convenient Production Dates
• Small to Large Quantities
• Expertly Designed Package Components
• Over 100 Stock-Combo Blister Sizes
 Program Features:
20pt SBS with Aqueous Blister Coating
• 14pt SBS (non-sealing ) for header & insert cards
• Blisters available in 10-mil & 15-mil PVC
• Self-Sealing Card Option Available
• Digital Card Proofs & Prototype Blisters for Approval

For more details see COMBO-PAC Blister and Blister Card Specifications and the Andex Stock Blister Program – another great way to save.

Note: Due to the nature of combination run products, there are some limitations for its use.  Our dedicated custom runs may be right packaging solution for you.  Contact our professional staff to find out more.

Product Videos

4-1 Combo – Pac Blister Card
Trapped Blister

Professional Blister Card Packaging Designs

Product Gallery

Check out our custom blister cards below to see our previous work. Andex is committed to professional blister card packaging designs that will show off your branding and make it easy for your customers to see the product inside – all while keeping it safely contained and fresh until opened!

Blister Card FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive about the function of blister cards and packaging, and how they can protect your product:

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging, also called blister packs, is a wide range of pre-formed and rigid packaging styles used to safely contain retail items. It is typically comprised of several components: a cardboard blister card, color and blister coating layers, a plastic cover, and the product that is stored inside. Quality-made blister packaging helps your customers to view the product clearly. Investing in quality blister packaging helps to maintain the quality and freshness of the product, prevent humidity from building up, and keep the product from being contaminated. Blister packaging also provides theft protection and even innovative marketing options.

When was blister packaging developed?

Blister packaging was born in the 1960s and was initially developed by the pharmaceutical industry for safety and for ease of opening to access tablets and medications inside. Blister packaging was originally created to help keep each dose of a patient’s medication safe and secure until use. This packaging also made it easier for a patient to open a single dose of their medication. Among the first medications to come in blister packaging was Melabon (aspirin).

What is blister packaging made of?

Blister packaging is manufactured out of thermoformed plastic (such as PVC, PET, or PETG.) Commonly, you will also see a blister pack have a blister board included in its design. The blister board is usually adhered to the back of the thermoformed plastic container. Using quality thermoformed plastics and blister board will help to prevent humidity or contamination from accessing the product.

What is the blister process?

Although there are different types of blister packaging, typically the process will start using an aluminum resin tool to create a heat-sealed blister. Next, the cardboard back is printed using a special printing process. The blister is then placed into a sealing machine (sealing jig). Next, the product is placed into the blister and the card is added. The sealing jig is placed on a rotating turntable and a hot metal plate is applied to the packaging. Once pressure is applied to the hot metal plate, the sealing of the blister to the card occurs. Finally, the turntable rotates again and the finalized blister packaging is removed and packed for distribution.

What products are commonly stored in blister packaging?

You’ll find that blister packs will be used to store electronics, toys, toothbrushes, stationery, batteries, DIY goods like screws, nuts, and bolts, and any products that are delicate or may be vulnerable to breaking. Blister packaging safely contains small objects and keeps tiny accessories intact. Blister packs are also tamper-proof, which means if someone has attempted to remove the contents of the packaging, that will be clearly visible.

About Andex

Since 1961, when we founded Andex in Escanaba, MI, our team has proudly served clients nationwide. We are committed to providing professional and reliable blister card packaging designs to our clients. Because of our focus on quality, you can expect your products to be fresh, visible, secure, and have a high level of customization to your needs. Our company is committed to an “Expect Excellence” philosophy.

With each one of our team members having an average of 18 years or more of experience, you can rely on us to provide expert services that you can rely on. At Andex, we have an engaging and flexible team culture that is committed to a high level of performance. Additionally, our packaging experts design each blister package product with great attention to detail. We emphasize acting with a high level of integrity, honor, and respect.

Here at Andex, you can expect excellence! To place your blister packaging order, simply give us a call today at (800) 338-9882.

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