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Need blister packages? The creative team at Andex is a trusted blister package supplier in the industry. We have your solution for plastic blister packages and blister cards packaging. From intricately designed custom blister packages, to economical combo runs and stock blisters, the professionals at Andex are sure to have your solution!  Our professional blister packaging company is a single source for plastic blister packaging. We give you the confidence and convenience you need for the design, quality, and supply of your packaging requirements. In addition, you can rely on the sealing and durability of our products to prevent theft and tampering.

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Types of Blister Packaging Materials 

No matter your needs, we have many types of blister packaging options to ensure your products are sealed and packaged professionally. Andex has various blister package materials, including PVC and RPET plastics. Below are just some of the reasons why you should choose Andex for your professional blister packs. Andex is your SINGLE SOURCE for blisters & cards.

  • Low, moderate, or high volumes
  • PVC and RPET plastic materials in a range of material thicknesses 
  • Unique design features including footed and secondary die cut
  • Economical Andex COMBO-PAC with low cost custom design tooling or stock sizes for $0 tooling costs
  • Seal-Pac, self-sealing packaging
  • Sustainable packaging options and eco-friendly Right-Pac.
  • Applications of packaging in pharmaceuticals
Blister Packages

Key Benefits of Blister Packages


Blister packaging provides freshness for your products, ensuring they maintain the highest level of quality while on the shelf. In particular, environmentally sensitive items will benefit from being packaged in blister packaging.


Blister packaging provides excellent visibility for viewing the product. Having quality, highly visible packaging allows your customers to trust your brand and have the reassurance knowing that your product is as advertised. Although your consumers can easily view the product, they can’t actually touch them. This helps to lessen the chances of shoplifting or tampering with the product and packaging.


Blister packs are the ideal solution when it comes to security. Our Seal-Pac, self-sealing packaging improves quality and lessens movement of the product, especially smaller items, inside the packaging. Our secure packaging also prevents thieving, tampering, and even possible damage caused in transit.


Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose blister packaging is that it is highly customizable. You can choose the type of thermoformed material or color option you require to seal and package your products. Every design that Andex manufactures is unique to your product. No matter the size or amount of items contained in the blister packaging, it can be customized to fit the specific requirements for the product.

Several Material Options

Blister packaging can be designed using a number of package material options. These include PVC and RPET plastics. Aesthetically, blister packaging is a solid choice because it provides a high quality visual and textural experience for the consumer. Commercially, plastic and cardboard are the best use for applications. Andex is committed to quality no matter the plastic choice you choose.

Custom Blister Packaging

At Andex, we are a professional blister package supplier with extensive experience in blister packaging. Our company provides many professional color printed and material options. With unique design features, professional sealing, and various material thicknesses to choose for your products, you can get any custom solution you need for your custom blister packaging. No matter if you are selling toothbrushes, pens, fishing supplies, or gift cards, or blister packaging provides the sealing protection required for storing and displaying your items. To get started with your custom blister packaging order, simply give us a call or send us an email. See our videos and photo gallery below for samples of our work. To learn more about when to use blister packaging.

Blister Package Videos

Andex is a trusted blister packaging supplier, proud to offer the perfect solutions for blister packages for customers nationwide! To get an idea of the quality of work we do and the customization options available to you, please watch our product video here. Our product videos feature just some of our blister pack products. So you can see the quality of the products, we shot them with a spinning 360º view so that you can easily see all sides of the product.

With our certified G7 printing services, Andex provides professionally-designed blister packaging products. To place an order for any of our blister packs, you can give our company a call at (800) 338-9882. If you prefer, you can also email us at or complete a contact form submission to get in touch with our experts.

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Blister Packages Product Gallery

Please view our blister packages photo gallery below to see some of the work we have done for clients in the past. From Menards to Kodak, we have served many clients’ packaging needs. In fact, we are certified G7 printing experts and we use PVC and RPET plastic materials with various material thicknesses. If you are considering whether your product will benefit from packaging, please give us a call today at (800) 338-9882 for blister package customization options.

Blister Package FAQs

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging, otherwise known as blister packages, features a thermoformed plastic cavity and pliable lid and are manufactured from pre-formed packaging materials. There are multiple different types of blister packaging, depending on the application. You will find blister packages used for pharmaceutical applications, such as for pills, tablets, capsules, and lozenges, etc. You’ll also see blister packaging for toys, tools, and electronics.

How to open blister packaging?

Opening blister packaging will depend on the type of packaging you are attempting to open. For example, to open blister packaging for pills, you can use a small flat screwdriver. Using a flat head screwdriver (e.g. a 1/8″ wide flat head), will help you effectively remove the pill.

How much does blister packaging cost?

Because of the thermoform design, blister packaging can get expensive. 1,000 units, for example, can get quite expensive, (approximately $2 to $3 for just the thermoform tray). Try to purchase around 5,000 units. This is a much better price (about $1.65). For an exact price, please reach out to the Andex team at (800) 338-9882.

About Our Blister Packages

Since 1961, when we founded Andex in Escanaba, MI, we have proudly served clients nationwide. Our company is a custom blister packaging supplier, focused on providing professional and reliable blister packaging solutions to our clients. In addition, we also provide clamshell packaging, stock clamshells, stock blisters, and thermoform trays.

To ensure we meet expectations in quality, we have a Quality Management System (QMS) which uses the ISO Q9001:2000 platform. Because of our focus on quality, you can expect your products to be fresh, visible, secure, rich with color, and highly customizable for your needs. With Andex, you can expect nothing less than an “Expect Excellence” philosophy.

With each one of our team members having an average of 18 years or more of experience, you can rely on us to provide expert services that you can rely on. At Andex, we have an engaging and flexible team culture that is committed to a high level of performance. Additionally, our blister packaging experts design each blister package product with great attention to detail. We emphasize acting with a high level of integrity, honor, and respect. Here at Andex, you can expect excellence! To place your blister packaging order, simply give us a call today at (800) 338-9882.

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