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What Is Clamshell Packaging?

Our clamshell packaging solutions offer a wide range of benefits for showcasing your products. Andex has an array of different package types to choose from, including various boxes, containers, and trays, many of which come standard with theft deterrent features. Custom clamshells from Andex meet the exact requirements of our clients and without compromise.

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 Clamshell Clam Shell PackagePlastic Clamshell Packaging Basics:

  • Clamshell packaging secures product(s) between two hinged sheets of thermoformed plastic.
  • The plastic clamshell container encloses the product on both sides and the plastic flanges (edges) can be heat sealed together.
  • Clamshells may be custom molded to follow the contours of an item, or serve as a clear plastic container for holding a number of small loose pieces together.
  • Tri-Fold or footed clamshells offer maximum versatility in merchandising. These packages can hang from a hook, stand alone on a shelf, or sit upright within a display or club store pallet.
  • A printed insert card sells the product with compelling graphics and product information while the clear plastic provides excellent visibility. When sealed on all edges clamshell packages are especially tamper and theft resistant.
  • Clamshells are recloseable and reusable if left unsealed.
  • Clamshell packaging is especially effective packaging option for heavy products, or items like electronics that are a target for theft.

The Difference Between Stock Clamshells & Custom Clamshells

The main differences between stock clamshells and customer clamshells.

Stock Clamshell

Classic Stock Clamshells

  • Recloseable and reusable clear PVC containers.
  • Come in many standard sizes to closely fit your product.
  • Sealable for theft and tamper resistance.
  • In-stock or produced to order, without the cost of tooling.
  • Designed to hang from a peg. Footed stock clamshells, with proper weight distribution, may be displayed freestanding on a counter.
  • Insert cards printed to match for a guaranteed fit.
  • “Box” shaped protection to maximize product display.
 Clamshell Stock Hang

Stock Platform Clamshells

  • Recloseable and reusable clear RPET containers.
  • Comes in 20 standard sizes to closely fit your product.
  • Sealable for theft and tamper resistance.
  • In-stock or produced to order, without the cost of tooling.
  • Designed to hang from a peg.
  • Insert cards printed to match for a guaranteed fit.
  • Matching insert card size offers greater graphic display.
Clamshell Package Custom

Custom clamshells

  • Custom-molded hinged packages that follow the unique contours of your product.
  • Formed using a mold specially tooled for a one-of-a-kind fit.
  • Can incorporate special solutions such as try-me features, embossing, stability for heavy products, tri-fold or footed packages, club packs, or multiple contoured cavities.
  • Designs may include recycled materials.
  • Custom insert cards printed to match for a guaranteed fit.

What Types of Products Can Be Packaged in Clamshells?

Display PackageClamshell packaging is used in a variety of markets and product categories, including:

  • Club Stores and Major Retail Chains
  • Home Improvement, Hardware, Tools
  • Health and Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Household Goods
  • Electronics
  • Office and Craft Supplies
  • Toys and Games
  • Sports and Recreation Equipment
  • Automotive

Blister Cards for lessCombo-Pac: Custom Insert Cards for Less

The Andex Combo-Pac program offers you the same high-quality insert cards you get with a custom order, but lowers the cost of production to make your packaging dollar go further.

How does it work?

Customize your clamshell package with 4-color printing on the front, 14 pt. or 20 pt. card thicknesses, different corner shapes, simple contours, or internal cuts. Then select from one of our specified Combo-Pac quantities—small to large quantities are available. Schedule your order to be printed on one of our convenient Combo-Pac production dates. Your package components will be designed, manufactured, and shipped quickly to arrive right on time.

What’s the advantage? 

Lower costs! You’ll eliminate printing plate, cutting die and set-up charges as well as the fees for full production tooling. Get a customized package to fit your product at a very affordable price.

clamshell SealingHow Does The Clamshell Seal?

Andex is a convenient source for both thermoformed clamshells and printed insert cards, but does not seal products within the finished package. Ask your Andex account rep about the many options available for sealing clamshells.

Clamshells are sealed using a plastic to plastic heat sealing method to fuse the flanges (edges) of the package together. Andex can provide this simple JAWS hand held direct heat sealer for excellent tamper resistance and theft protection. 

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