Combo-Pac Blister & Card Specifications

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Combination Run Blister Specifications:

Run Dates: Committed run and ship dates as established.

Quantities: 12,500 – 25,000 – 50,000 & 100,000.

Material: Runs of 10 and 15 mil PVC

Height: Minimum product height of 0.25″. Maximum is dependent upon shape and mil.

Die Cut: Blisters available with round or square corners. Key slot die cuts permitted but clearing is not available.

Design & Prototype: There will be a nominal charge, which is deductible from the mold cost.

Samples: Hand pulled blister sample will be provided for approval.

Tooling: One time nominal mold piece charges, which are determined by the blister design. Mold pieces will be retained for use in future orders.

Set-up: There will be no positioning or set-up charge.

Combination Run Card Specifications:

Run Dates: Committed run and ship dates as established.

Quantities: 6,250 – 12,500 – 25,000 – 50,000 & 100,000.

Material: 14 & 20 Point Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) virgin fiber paperboard. Stock is clay coated to enhance printing and heat seal coating holdout.

Colors: 4-color process front (up to 150-line screen) and 1-color (black) back (up to 120-line screen). Back graphics requiring extensive coverage, such as black solids or reverse type, may not be suitable for combination runs. Color consistency may vary from run to run due to the nature of the combination run printing process. For those customers where color consistency is critical, Andex suggests custom dedicated production runs.

5th Color: Enhance your card by adding a front PMS color, as available.

Coating: 20 point – Aqueous heat seal for acceptance to properly formed PVC or RPET blisters.  14 point – Aqueous semi gloss coating for appearance and protection.

Die Cut: Card perimeters may be square, rectangular or simple contoured shapes with round or square corners. 1/4″ radius corners will be used if unspecified. Internal cuts and access panels may be slits, crosses, rectangles or simple contoured shapes. If production approves a more complicated design, an up charge may be assessed. One backside score crease is allowed per card if needed. Hanger hole style to be chosen by customer from Andex Keyslot Template and will be cleared unless requested otherwise. J-Hooks or internal cuts will not be cleared.

Artwork: Electronic files provided in accordance with Andex guidelines.

Proofs: Digital proof will be provided for customer approval.

Prep Costs: Low cost-one time charge per card style. Customer requested revisions are charged on a time and materials basis.

Plates/Dies: No charges to customer for printing plates and steel rule cutting dies, which will remain the property of Andex.

Set-up: There will be no positioning or set-up charge.