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Design-Pac Stock Clamshell
Clamshell Design-Pac

Package design plays a key role in your product sales process.  Achieve your goals with a semi-custom option that is affordable and just as unique as your product! 

By combining a stock platform + your custom cavity you create the perfect product fit while saving significant $’s on tooling!  It’s a great way to get sustainable, budget-friendly packaging with high-end appeal.

Five reasons the Design-Pac program is unique:

  1. Substantial savings in tooling costs
  2. 5 Platform Sizes, with a Maximum Cavity Depth of 2″
  3. Available with Custom Cavities Front and/or Back 
  4. Clear, Strong 20-mil RPET Recycled Plastic
  5. Excellent Product Protection, Visibility & Shelf Impact

View our Stock Clamshell Size List and refer to the 5000, 5010, 5020, 5030 & 5040 Series for the list of sizes with customized design available.

stock clamshell

Click to animate.  Design-Pac custom insert with Andex stock platform tooling.


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