Andex – strong in history, strong today, and strong tomorrow!

Excellence is History!

In 1961 W. John Anthony founded Andex Industries with a $3,500 forming machine and an empty building. The grand strategy was “What do we do with the empty building?” and plastics was the buzzword of the early 60’s! The business took hold and Andex began by making a wide assortment of advertising specialty products.

Soon after, Andex switched directions and entered the blister market, which has been our core business ever since. Over the years the thermoforming output grew and in 1972 production was expanded to include paperboard printing capabilities. Since then Andex has undergone major changes and expansion of buildings, equipment, and personnel.

W. John Anthony captured the key to the company’s endurance when he stated, “The growth and success Andex has achieved is a credit to the dedication and talent of its people. A company is people, and the growth and success of Andex is a credit to their dedication, talent, and teamwork–it is a success we all share in!” W. John Anthony passed away in 2002. He was succeeded as President of Andex by his son, John T. Anthony, who started with the company in 1983 and continues the tradition of excellence established by his father.

Andex History

Andex Today – keeping the commitment!

Andex remains a leader in the development and growth of the display carded packaging industry. The total supplier strategy started in 1972 continues today as Andex produces both the thermoformed plastic and the printed card components of the package. These products are produced using technology employed to assure consistent high quality and supported by a level of personalized customer service unmatched in our industry. We market our products through a variety of channels, including a nationwide network of knowledgeable packaging distributors who provide local service and customer support.