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Insert Cards & Header Cards to Promote & Display

Clamshell and Insert with Snap Closure and Tri-Fold with Self Standing Feature

Insert Card and Clamshell Tri-Fold for self standing featue

Display Packaging

Header Card

g7 master

G7 Quality Certified Master Printer

combo run blister card

Andex Combo-Pac multi customer run

Promote your product with colors that pop & a graphics to sell and inform!

Andex is a single source for both insert cards & clamshells giving you the confidence and convenience in the design, quality, and supply of your packaging needs.  As a G7 Certified Printer we have the qualifications, experience, and equipment to achieve your graphic expectations and brand color requirements.  The creative team at Andex has the solution for your packaging needs.  

Dedicated Runs:  Your specific requirements for blister cards, fold-over, & specialty printing!

Our wide range of paperboard stock and capabilities provides and wide range of package design and graphics. Dedicated custom runs are great for users who need:

  • Special PMS and custom color matches and custom color matches
  • Larger or specific quantities
  • Unique die cuts & specialty finishing 
COMBO-PACTM:  Quick turn-around with low cost 

The Andex COMBO-PAC Program is a convenient, affordable way to get customized cards for insert, header, display, foldover, and tab applications.  Guaranteed production dates, small to large quantities, along with no die or plate costs and low upfront fees make this program an awesome value!

14pt Insert/Header/Tag Card:  4-color process front & 1-color (black) back.  Front coated with semi-gloss coating.  14pt C1S  (coated one side) paperboard.

4/1 Blister Card:  4-color process front & 1-color (black) back.  Front semi gloss coating suitable for blister sealing 20pt C1S (coated one side) blisterboard.

4/4 Blister Card:  4-color process front & 4-color  process back (4 over 4).  Front semi gloss coating suitable for blister sealing.  20pt C2S (coated two side) blisterboard.  

Andex Combination Blister Cards



How does the COMBO-PAC system work?

By combining several customers on the same sheet everyone saves.  No die, plate or mold costs.  Your package components will be designed, manufactured and shipped quickly to arrive right on time.  

Program Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient Production Dates
  • Small to Large Quantities
  • Expertly Designed Package Components

Program Features

  • 14pt & 20pt  SBS with Coating
  • Digital Proofs for Approval
  • Folding Over
  • Specialty Finishing

Due to the nature of combination run products, there are some limitations for its use.  Our well known high quality, dedicated custom runs may be right packaging solution for you.  Contact a packaging professional to find out more.