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Skin Board Packaging

Skin board packaging is a cost effective solution to protect and promote your product. 

Skin board packaging contours around your product providing protection and ultimate visibility. Andex Skin-Pac board is ideal for contoured, loose, irregular, and large parts. Skin packaging might be old school  but it’s highly effective!

Skin Packaging


Common Sheet Sizes:

  • 18 x 24 inch
  • 24 x 36 inch
  • 30 x 36 inch

Board:  High quality paperboard with white front & back for a quality appearance.

  • 24pt. SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfate)
  • 33pt. and 43pt W2S (recycled content in the middle layer)

Andex skin board features:

  • Universal semi-clear coating to provide a strong seal to skin film.
  • Die Cutting available upon request.

Skin Packaging Basics:

  1. The process requires specialized paperboard, inks and coating, skin film, and equipment to seal and die-cut the master sheet.
  2. Andex skin board provides high strength, low curl and excellent film adhesion.  The special paperboard has a porous (non-clay coated) surface.  The printed graphics are attractive but not as vivid as blister cards (clay coated surface). The skin film enhances the graphic appearance with a slight gloss.
  3. The heated film is draped over the master sheet capturing and contouring around the product. It’s like the stretch wrap used in the kitchen.
  4. The master sheet is then cut to individual cards containing your product.  Keyslots, round corners and internal die cuts may be added during the cutting process.

Industries That Could Benefit From Skin Packaging

Skin packaging is most widely used in retail stores. Skin packages are used for products that contain small parts or accessories that are often placed in stores for customers to see the product without having to open the package.

There are other industries that could benefit from skin packaging and can use this packaging to wrap and ship products, such as automotive manufacturers,  pump manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, and military manufacturers.

There are many benefits for manufacturers in these fields when they use skin packaging, such as:

  • Better inventory management: Inspectors can take inventory of products or kits without having to open boxes or packages. This makes it easier to keep track of inventory levels and ensures accurate on-hand counts.
  • Versatile: Skin packaging can work with a wide range of shapes and sizes. This capability makes it a useful way to kit many types of aftermarket replacement parts.
  • Easy to use: Skin packaging uses intuitive processes that require minimal training time, which helps reduce labor and training costs.
  • Appealing design: Skin packaging provides a neat display that shows off your product and allows customers to better evaluate its appearance and functionality before purchase.

 How Do The Skin Board and Film Stick Together?

Skin Package Packaging

What Types of Products Can Be Packaged in Skin Bioards?

Skin board packaging is great for:

  • Small or large items
  • Lightweight or heavy products
  • Products without holes or voids
  • Rigid products
  • Various quantities of items
  • Industrial and some retail products
  • Higher profile items
  • Loose parts

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