Skin Board Packaging

Skin board packaging is a cost effective solution to protect and promote your product. 

At Andex, we provide quality skin board packaging solutions for your products. Our professional skin board printing designs effectively seal your product, keeping it fresh, tightly sealed, and contained safely within the packaging.

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What is Skin Board Packaging?

Skin board packaging, or skin board printing, is utilized to create a wide range of packaging products such as boxes, cartons, and trays.

This style of packaging uses a clear polyethylene plastic film to keep the product sealed tight against a paper card.

Benefits to Skin Board Packaging

There are many benefits to skin board packaging! These include it being lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective, among others.

Skin board packaging contours around your product – providing both protection and ultimate visibility. Andex Skin-Pac board is ideal for contoured, loose, irregular, and large parts. While skin board packaging might be considered old school, it is nevertheless highly effective!

Skin Board Packaging

Our Skin Board Printing Process

Below is our detailed skin board printing process:

  1. The skin packaging process requires specialized paperboard, inks and coating, skin film, and equipment to seal and die-cut the master sheet. 
  2. Andex skin board provides high strength, low curl, and excellent film adhesion. The special paperboard has a porous (non-clay coated) surface. The printed graphics are attractive but not as vivid as blister cards (clay coated surface). The skin film enhances the graphic appearance with a slight gloss.
  3. The heated film drapes over the master sheet, capturing and contouring around the product. It’s like the stretch wrap used in the kitchen. 
  4. The master sheet is then cut to individual cards containing your product. Keyslots, round corners, and internal die cuts may be added during the cutting process. 

Skin Board Packaging Information


  • High quality paperboard with white front and back for a quality appearance.  
  • 24pt. SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfate)

Andex Skin Board Packaging Features:

  • Universal semi-clear coating to provide a strong seal to skin film.  
  • Die cutting available upon request. Call us at (800) 338-9882.
Skin Board
Skin Board Packaging

How Do the Skin Board & Film Stick Together?

What types of products can be packaged in skin boards?

Skin board printing and packaging products are great for:

  • Small or large items
  • Lightweight or heavy products
  • Products without holes or voids
  • Rigid products
  • Various quantities of items
  • Industrial and some retail products
  • Higher profile items
  • Loose parts

Skin Board Packaging FAQs

What is skinboard?

Skinboard is specifically a specialty paperboard, designed with tiny pores that allow air to pass through the board during the packaging phase. Following the printing process, the surface of one side of the paperboard is covered with an adhesive that works by bonding the plastic to the skinboard. Skin packaging is a carded packaging that looks similar to blister packaging; however it is different in one major way – the sealing process occurs via a vacuum-sealing machine.

What is vacuum packaging film?

The skin of skinboard packaging is a vacuum packaging film. This film acts like a protective skin. Vacuum packaging film is highly flexible, which helps to lessen protrusion items to be securely packaged.

What are skin packaging machines?

Skin packaging/vacuum forming machines are one of the most effective methods of packaging products in the industry today. Skin packaging machines are effective for packing spare parts, tools, cosmetic and health care products, or small parts for toys. Automatic shrink-packaging machines make skin packaging an exceptionally efficient process.

What is skin packaging used for?

Skin packaging is commonly used for car parts, hardware, or small consumer goods. It is a good choice for either small or large products, loose parts, rigid products, and industrial or retail items.

Which skin packaging materials are used in the process?

Skin packaging materials include the plastic, vacuum-sealed film, a heat activated coating, printing ink, and a paperboard. At Andex, we utilize high quality inks, and paperboard products to ensure your packaging effectively protects and make your product stand out.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Andex, we stand behind the quality of our products. Your skin board will keep your product safe and looking its absolute best.

We can use the following to make your skin board packaging stand out from the crowd:

  • Brilliant 4-color process front
  • PMS colors
  • 24pt SBS or 43pt Kraft back
  • Small to large quantity increments

Other Packaging Solutions

Specifically, our team is skilled with blisters and cards, clamshells, inserts, stock, combo, and custom programs, trays, specialty thermoforming, header cards, specialty printing, and club store packaging.

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