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Stock Clamshell Package

Stock Clamshells from Andex.  Over 70 sizes.  No tooling cost.  Ready to ship!

Stock Clamshells

Classic Stock Clamshell box


Stock Platform Clamshell

Stock Platform Clamshell

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Andex Classic Stock Clamshell

Stock Thermoform Package

Stock Clamshell with Insert Card



Clam Shell


Clam Shell Pack

Stock clamshell options from Andex:

  • Classic Stock Clamshells are box style for maximum product space.  Sturdy PVC material.  Sealable for security and tamper resistance.
  • New Platform Stock Clamshells with display header for graphics.  Recycled RPET plastic for sustainability. 
  • For a listing of our wide variety of sizes click the Stock Clamshell Size List

Stock Clamshell Key Features: 

  • Cost Effective with no tooling cost! 
  • Ship from stock (subject to inventory availability).
  • Durable structure and quality.  Reclosable and reusable.   Sized for retail peg display.
  • Insert cards printed with your graphics for a guaranteed fit.  The  Andex COMBO-PAC is a convenient and affordable product for high quality cards and graphics.  No plate charges or set-up fees. 
  • Classic sizes have stability foot for light to moderate weight products.

Click here for a PDF Stock Clamshell Size List

Design-Pac Clamshell: Customize your clamshell 

Create a custom product cavity using one our of Stock Clamshell platforms.  The Andex Design-Pac Program offers you the flexibility to customize your packaging, without incurring a custom packaging price tag! 

  • 5 Platform sizes to choose from.
  • Customize the cavity to fit your product.
  • Product cavity available on the front, back, or both.
  • RPET Recycled Plastic for a great appearance with sustainability.
  • For more information go to Andex Design-Pac Program page.
stock clams

Click the above photo to animate. The Andex Design-Pac provides substantial savings with molds designed for your product insertable into our master tooling.