You can Expect Excellence from Andex!

Top notch service with experienced staff is committed to your satisfaction.  Everyone, every department, every day – we work hard for our customers.  Not to boast, but here’s a sample of the feedback we regularly receive. 

A huge thank you to you and the Andex team – our cards were received today and they are great!  Have a good weekend.

-Experienced buyer for consumer products company

Dear Mr. Anthony,

Your team delivered – Thank you for acting for our shared best interest!

Product developer

Congrats!! Please pass to your whole team, and thanks for all your efforts.

We look forward to our growing partnership.  Thank you,

Purchasing manager


You…are…amazing!!!! You make everything so easy and both my customer and I appreciate it

Packaging distributor inside sales (2/2017)

Jenny, wanted to thank you for the good job on the blister cards. Product quality and service top notch.
Bill  (new product development and commercialization consultant) (4/2017)

I appreciate you sending this over! I also want to thank you for providing us with outstanding service and quality! Hopefully the business keeps on coming!

Rob, packaging professional (8/27/2018)

Please pass along our THANKS to your team! Excellent job coming through for us here and turning these around so quickly. We really appreciate it! 

Jeff (packaging distributor – 2/25/2019)

Good afternoon Gentlemen.

My name is xxxx and I work as an Account Representative for xxxx in xxxx. As packaging professional I know the challenges we face on a daily basis. Far to often we hear of times we fall short of expectations. It is usually the short comings that make the way up the chain as resolutions usually require some degree of approval. Not often enough are the times when we hear positive feedback.

I wanted to take a moment and recognize and thank Jenny and her team. For the past few years I had the pleasure of working with Jenny on projects and servicing a very demanding customer of mine. The team has been beyond supportive and attentive even to the most strenuous of customer demands. It is their hard work that makes my job a lot easier and I appreciate their efforts to ensure the customers needs are met. You truly have a great team!  I thank you for your time. Have a Happy Holiday season.

Area Manager, packaging distributor (12/06/2019)

…you guys are fast, great customer service, and extremely helpful. Not to mention patient.

 – Ana, packaging company (1/15/2020)

Yes you have permission to adjust to place the UPC code. And the ship date sounds great! 

Btw your prepress department is fantastic! Really checking every detail before printing, really great service.  Please let me know if we need anything else, thank you!

 – Chris  (new customer – integrated hemp/cannibas market) (5/2018)

This looks good to me. I feel like we have crossed our t’s and dotted out I’s and have everything covered. The coating is adhesive on the board, correct?

You’ve been very professional and have done an outstanding job throughout this process. I appreciate your help / work.

James, packaging distributor (5/15/2018)

Dear All,

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all of you for hosting xxx in Escanaba.

It was great to meet all of you and see both of the Andex plants.  Xxx  really appreciates the time you took to explain the processes in great detail.  We also picked up tips and tricks to improve our own inspection process.

Laura’s tour of Escanaba was great and so was the dinner. Your hospitality was exceptional and I really appreciate it.  Thanks again.

Plant manager

Lori:  I can not THANK YOU enough for such a wonderful conversation. You product knowledge is amazing. Your kindness is the best. I learned several things from you today and I must admit how great it was to realize that perhaps the only, for sure the safest way, to package my product is with the cold seal packaging. I will absolutely be in touch as soon as we get our other things worked out.  Have a great day,

Product entrepreneur

Terrific. Thank you Laura.

Wanted to let you know that you are thought of very highly here. Marketing specifically mentioned that your feedback has been extremely valuable on these projects and have steered us in the right direction. Passing the compliments along.

Sandy, customer (8/13/2018)