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Thermoform Trays

Andex designs and manufactures thermoform trays for a variety of purposes, from shipping to automation. With our thermoformed trays, you have options to order your products in clear or any color you choose. Our clients work with us because our thermoformed trays and vacuum formed trays are guaranteed to fit and seal tight! Below are just some of the thermoform solutions we provide.

Thermoform Plastic Tray Solutions:

  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Inner Pack
  • Transfer
  • Shipping
  • Automation

We are experts in the custom thermoform plastic tray industry, so when you choose our company, know that we design our thermoform trays with a high level of attention to quality and detail. Please contact Andex for customization options and brand printing for your thermoform plastic trays.

What is Thermoform Packaging?

Thermoform packaging is a process that creates custom plastic designs. To create the packaging, we use the thermoform process, which involves heat to help soften the plastic, shape it, and then cool and form it into a custom mold design.

At Andex, we perform the thermoform process with great attention to detail so that you can receive a product that’s guaranteed to fit tight.

Thermoform Tray Material Options

Andex provides many thermoform tray material options. We have endless color and material customizations, depending on your needs. Material options include RPET, PETG, and PVC, among others. When you give us a call, our packaging professionals will walk you through the options and design a solution that is right for you! You can choose from multiple materials for trays, including the following:

  • Clear thermoform trays
  • Colored thermoform trays
  • RPET, PETG & PVC thermoform trays
  • Antistatic (ESD) thermoform trays

Thermoform Trays in Clear & Colored Designs

Our custom designs for thermoform trays are available in clear or customized color designs. We typically custom design thermoformed trays in one of the following:

  • Custom thermoformed trays of single or multi-cavity with full custom contoured cavities
  • Thermoformed plastic trays with specific functionality to hold items with a shaped cavity, a friction fit, an under-cut or separate snap-on strap
  • A thermoform tray made of colored, textured or velour materials to support up-scale branding
  • A thermoform tray that offers batch count control
  • Thermoformed trays that use color for visual manufacturing control

Thermoformed Plastic Tray Videos

To get an idea of the quality of work we do, please watch our thermoformed plastic tray videos below. Andex is proud to provide professional thermoform tray products with certified G7 printing services. In addition, we have many customization options. To see just some of the ways we can serve you, please watch our product videos here with detailed spinning 360º views. To place an order, simply give us a call at (800) 338-9882, email us at, or submit an online contact inquiry, and our friendly staff will be happy to serve you.

Tray with Cover
Tray and Cover – Colored PVC

Thermoformed Trays Photo Gallery

Looking for thermoformed trays in clear or color? Check out our previous projects below to see the quality of work that we do. Contact Andex for a quote today. Let our team be your source for high quality thermoformed plastic trays!

Common Thermoform Tray FAQs

What is a thermoform tray?

Thermoform trays are plastic trays that are manufactured utilizing the thermoforming process. Thermoforming allows for one-of-a-kind, professional packaging designs. Trays are usually available in color and clear, and are commonly manufactured using RPET, PETG, and PVC materials.

What is the thermoforming process?

Thermoforming involves applying a vacuum to stretch sheets of heated thermoplastic sheets over a mold to form a shape. Thermoforming provides many benefits, including being a lightweight material, quick product development, aesthetically appealing designs, and industry-compliant materials. Packaging companies commonly use thermoforming for plastic trays, clamshells, and end caps.

Can PVC be thermoformed?

Yes! PVC is commonly used in thermoform trays. PVC is a good material to use for thermoforming because of its strength.

What material is used in thermoforming?

At Andex, we use PETG, RPET, and PVC materials. PETG (or polyethylene terephthalate), features excellent clarity, durability, and resistance to acids. It’s fairly easy to thermoform using PETG. RPET (or recycled polyethylene terephthalate), as it’s name implies, is a highly efficient, greener option. With RPET, you still get a strong thermoforming material, making it a great alternative to PETG and PVC. Finally, PVC (or polyvinyl chloride), is the third most used thermoplastic, is quite flexible, and has the ability to form tightly.

About Andex

Why choose Andex? Our packaging company focuses on quality for all our thermoform solutions. To provide our clients excellent services, we have a Quality Management System (QMS) which uses the ISO Q9001:2000 platform. Andex is committed to “Expect Excellence.” This gives our customers the confidence that we strive to not just meet, but exceed expectations. In addition, our company is a G7 Certified Printer, which means that you can expect your graphics and brand colors to appear consistent across all products you purchase from us. In addition to thermoform trays, our company also produces clamshell and blister packaging solutions for your professional needs.

Since our beginnings in 1961 in Escanaba, MI, our packaging company has served clients nationwide. We provide high quality packaging and container solutions. Here at Andex, we focus on paying attention to our customers’ values. In addition, our team is both reliable and responsive. Each one of our team members has an average of 18 years of experience with our company – this means we know what we’re doing! We also have an engaging and flexible team culture that strives for a high level of performance.

Our team members are focused on designing each thermoform product with great attention to detail. With every order, our thermoforming team always acts with integrity, honesty, and respect. Here at Andex, you can always expect excellence! To get started on your thermoform product order, please give us a call at (800) 338-9882 today.

Andex, Expect Excellence