When to Use Blister Packaging for Your Brand’s Product

card and blister

Blister packages are used in various industries as it is a fitted plastic sheet and cardboard that displays your products. Many brands choose this type of packaging as it makes the product easy to access. Are you interested in using this thermoformed packaging for your brand? Learn when to use blister packaging for your brand’s product.

1. Maintain product freshness

As blister packaging is a thermoformed air-tight container, it is designed to keep out airborne and other contaminants that could be otherwise getting to your product. These packaging solutions also promote product freshness because blister packages usually allow products to be removed one by one when a customer needs them.

2. Easily accessible

Blister packaging allows for easy access to the product inside. Not only is it easy to access the whole product, but it also can only release the desired amount of the product. This is why blister packaging is commonly used for pharmaceuticals, as well as food products such as bouillon cubes that are used infrequently, and are typically only used one at a time.

3. Versatility

You should choose blister packaging for your product as it has endless design possibilities. It can be either simple or designed to stand out! With a printed card, you can put graphs with your product, such as your brand logo or details about your product that will appeal to your desired consumers.

4. Visibility

Since the blister package is made of fully transparent plastic, it creates the perfect casing to put your product on full display for consumers. Consumers can purchase your product knowing exactly what they are getting and will not have to tamper with the packaging in order to see what is inside.

5. Easy to customize

Just as the design of the cardboard piece within the blister package is customizable, so is the blister packaging itself. As the most common choice of packaging for retail industries, it is reliable and easy to customize to your brand and product.

Regardless of the size of your items or the number of products you want to include in each package, you can get customized packaging that will work for you.

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