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Andex is a full service package provider by manufacturing custom thermoformed clamshell packaging, blister packaging, vacuum formed trays, and contract packaging. As a G7 Certified Printer, these products are produced using technology employed to assure consistent high quality. Andex has the experience and technology to meet your graphic expectations and brand color consistency from start to finish. Our various packaging products help to both protect and promote your product. Shop our various packaging and printed card components. We are the experts in professional blisters, insert cards, blister cards, trays, clamshells, skin packages, and more.

Why Choose Andex?

With over 60 years of industry experience, at Andex, you can expect nothing but full commitment to excellence in the quality of work that we do. Our team are trained professionals who are committed to stellar customer service, being responsive to your ideas, and providing many custom solutions. We are industry experts with professional clamshell packaging, stock clamshells, blister packages, stock blisters, thermoform trays, blister cards, skin packaging, insert and header cards, and various printing solutions. At Andex, our printing is of the utmost quality so that your colors pop, and our product protection is designed with visibility, durability, and customizability in mind.


A huge thank you to you and the Andex team – our cards were received today and they are great!  Have a good weekend.

-Experienced buyer for consumer products company

Dear Mr. Anthony,

Your team delivered – Thank you for acting for our shared best interest!

Product developer

Congrats!! Please pass to your whole team, and thanks for all your efforts.

We look forward to our growing partnership.  Thank you,

Purchasing manager


You…are…amazing!!!! You make everything so easy and both my customer and I appreciate it

Packaging distributor inside sales (2/2017)

Jenny, wanted to thank you for the good job on the blister cards. Product quality and service top notch.
Bill  (new product development and commercialization consultant) (4/2017)

I appreciate you sending this over! I also want to thank you for providing us with outstanding service and quality! Hopefully the business keeps on coming!

Rob, packaging professional (8/27/2018)

About Our Packaging Solutions

Blister Packages

The creative team at Andex is your source for blister package. We have your solution for plastic blister packaging, customized according to your specific needs. Professional blister packages provide all the sealing and durability you need in custom packaging. Our blister packages include PVC and RPET plastic designs in a range of material thicknesses and Seal-Pac self-sealing packaging.

Some of the key benefits of blister packages from Andex include freshness, visibility, security, and customization. The visibility and security of the packaging allows your customers to easily view the product while also providing excellent security to help reduce the chances of tampering or shoplifting. Additionally, our products designs are stable, preventing movement of the product inside. Place an order now for custom blister packaging!

Blister Packages
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Blister Cards

Blister cards are an essential part of your blister packaging. At Andex, we offer special PMS and custom color matches. Our blister cards feature unique die cuts and specialty finishing. We are a G7 Certified Printer, with expertise and technology to meet your graphic expectations and brand color consistency. Our blister package and blister card products together create the perfect package design for a beautiful presentation for your products.

Our Combo-Pac program is a convenient way to get customized blister cards. We provide 4/1 blister cards, 4/4 blister cards, fold over blister cards, and 14pt insert/header/tag cards.

With the Combo-Pac program, you receive the benefits of cost effectiveness, convenient production dates, small to large quantities, and 100 stock-combo blister sizes. Read more info about our blister cards here.

Clamshell Packaging

Andex is your source for high quality clamshell packaging products. As a G7 certified printer, you can expect absolute attention to detail in the color and sealing of your clamshell packages. Quality, long-lasting sealing of the clamshell helps to prevent item theft and give you a peace of mind. In addition, clamshell packaging provides durability for extended packaging performance.

Our clamshell package products are designed to be “tamper evident,” so that consumers can recognize whether the package has been cut, broken, or otherwise tampered with.

At Andex, you can enjoy CAD/CAM designs with 3D printing, in-house tooling to achieve fast delivery, innovative designs, two-piece, fold-over, and tri-fold packaging, and PVC, RPET, and PETG plastic options. Place your order for clamshell packaging today.

Clamshell Packaging
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Insert Cards

Our insert cards and other print solutions feature special PMS and custom color matches. At Andex, our print solutions include printed cartons, (folding cartons, folded set-up boxes, and paperboard sleeves), promotional products (promotional fans, POP cards, and advertising items), printed headers (product card headers, poly bag headers, and inventory tags), and printed specialty products (specialty print and cut, foil-stamped cards, and foldouts). Please see all our insert cards solutions below:

  • For your insert cards, we provide special PMS and custom color matches
  • Choose foldover blister cards or back card seal applications
  • Our coatings include: Blister, Seal-Pac, Aqueous Semi-Gloss
  • Our 4-color process includes two sides and custom color matches
  • Enjoy unique die cuts and specialty finishing for your insert cards

Thermoform Trays

Andex designs and manufactures thermoform trays with options to order your products in clear or any color you need. When you choose Andex, know that we are professionals with decades of experience in the thermoform packaging industry. We design our thermoform trays with a high level of attention to detail. Please contact our team for customization options and brand printing for your thermoform trays. Our thermoformed trays are guaranteed to fit and seal tight! Below are some of the thermoform packaging solutions we offer:

  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Inner Pack
  • Transfer
  • Shipping
  • Automation
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Skin Packages

Skin board packaging contours around your product, providing protection and excellent visibility. Andex Skin-Pac board packages are a great choice for loose, irregular, and large parts alike.

Skin Packaging is Good for:

  • Small or large items
  • Loose parts
  • Lightweight or heavy products
  • Products without holes or voids
  • Various quantities of items
  • Industrial and some retail products
Andex, Expect Excellence

Committed to Excellence in Thermoforming Packaging for Over 60 years

Andex Industries, founded in 1961, has provided exceptional thermoforming packaging and printing solutions for decades. We are a skilled team of clamshell packaging, blister packages, trays, blister cards, skin packaging, print solutions, and more. Our team is fully committed to the quality of each of your custom packaging products. At Andex, we follow a Quality Management System (QMS) which uses the ISO Q9001:2000 platform. With close attention to detail, we focus on not only just creating a great product, but also on building a great relationship with our clients.

At Andex, each of our team members has a minimum of 18 years of experience with our company. We are a group of honest, hard-working, and detail-oriented individuals with both a passion and commitment to quality packaging solutions. When it comes to thermoforming packaging products, look no further than Andex Industries to meet all your custom packaging needs!

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