The Andex Team

Expect Excellence Is Our Motto!  

Andex is comprised of a dedicated staff striving to meet your retail packaging needs.  That takes commitment, dedication, and experience.  Andex possesses a wealth of seasoned expertise through our employee’s enduring tenure with the company.  Our average length of service is almost 18 years, with many having worked at Andex for 25 years or more!

Experience, equipment, and technology plus people who take pride in their craft, all work together to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. For more information about Andex products, contact a packaging professional.

Andex is looking for talented and committed team members. To inquire about a job with Andex, contact our human resources department.

Recognition of Achievement

Certified SGS & CO Print Facility

November 2022

Andex is certified by Graphic Measures International (GMI), a third-party organization that verifies and validates print suppliers to a specified set of print color management standards. GMI provides quality assurance and color verification for private brands.  The GMI certification demonstrates Andex’s commitment to quality and the consistent color reproduction of your printed packaging.

Made in America

American talent, American values, American dedication and hard work!  You can count on us for the service, quality, reliability, and value that you expect.  Domestic sourcing adds critical value to achieve the purchasing demands of today’s retailers.

Made in America!  Contact us at 800-338-9882.