Quality Focused

The Andex Quality Management System (QMS) is based on the ISO Q9001:2000 platform.  Our Quality System, along with the our commitment to “Expect Excellence” gives you that confidence that we meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers.  As a G7 Certified  Printer Andex has the experience and technology to meet your graphic expectations and brand color consistency.  From start to finish, its quality all the way!

Recognition of Achievement

Certified SGS & CO Print Facility

November 2022

Andex is certified by Graphic Measures International (GMI), a third-party organization that verifies and validates print suppliers to a specified set of print color management standards. GMI provides quality assurance and color verification for private brands. The GMI certification demonstrates Andex’s commitment to quality and the consistent color reproduction of your printed packaging.

Quality Management System Objectives:

  • Foster an environment, which promotes quality awareness and establishes it as a primary objective.
  • Enhance our quality assurance system by establishing policies and procedures designed to better determine, achieve, and maintain the required level of product quality and service, and to permanently resolve unacceptable variance in a timely manner.
  • Develop and implement means that will effectively empower all personnel with the responsibility and capability to enhance customer satisfaction on a continuous basis.